Saturday, May 17, 2008

Holy Shit CNN!!!

So, I was having a drink at a local bar talking to an ex-Reagan Admin Official who happened to teach at my undergrad back in the 70s and then I saw something extraordinary. CNN was actually taking Jaime Rubin's claims about McCain and Hamas to task. Remember Rubin was in the Clinton Administration and supporter of Mrs. Clinton but in 2006 I guess he was a reporter for Sky News and interviewed McCain about Hamas. Well, Rubin wrote a piece in the the WAPO calling McCain a hypocrite, but CNN has now question that claim. CNN asked Rubin for the transcript and not just the snippets of film proving his claim. Mr. Rubin could not provide it, I wonder why. CNN then produced an interview a couple days after the Rubin's interview where McCain stated conditions to have talks with Hamas. Interesting McCain says conditions, Obama says no conditions, but Obama's Media and Democrats say McCain is hypocrite. Remember folks Obama said he would negotiate without conditions, just look at the debate video, but liberal media will never look at that, would they?

Oh, hey Carter how bout them Hamas acknowledging the existence of Israel. They acknowledged them alright by launching a rocket attack on a mall. You fucking coward Carter nice talking to terrorist and giving them validity.

P.S. I was playing name that Republican and realized the cards must have been written by liberals. Although some have said some very nasty things, I wonder if they would say what Sen. Bird has said about people of different colors and his one time Grand Wizard of the KKK. No, they could never say anything bad about him or his never voting for a Black Supreme Court justice.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama and foreign policy!!!

Well, Obama and the Democrats must feel guilty about something or maybe the truth hurts. Bush mentions a Senator who stated maybe if I talked to Hitler he would not invaded Poland and immediately Obama believes the President took a swipe at him. Maybe he did, but interesting how quickly Obama tried to deflect and twist his positions. He did say in the debate he would talk to terrorists without conditions.

Now the vanguard of the Democratic Party and plagiarizer in chief, Biden, are trying to confuse and distort the issue with the aid of the media. Not one question from the media on any of the validity statements from the Democrats. Remember it was these same Democrats blaming Bush for not negotiating with North Korea, Libya, or Iran. They said the Bush Administration are a bunch of hypocrites, but I don't see it. The administration and McCain have always wanted conditions on meeting with these ruthless leaders. One condition was the 6 party talks with N. Korea to involve the regional powers. Korea demanded only talks with US and Democrats were pushing for it because that type of unilateral discussion/decision was fine, although would affect everyone in the region. Now the Democrats are trying to distort as they always do. I think I'm angry because when it is a Republican making statements the media will question the speaker, but when it is a Democrat will turn a blind eye.
Below is Obama's foreign policy adviser or should I say appeaser talking about his comment and policy.
I love her last quote the herd mentality. I believe it is that mentality helping her candidate.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Obama with no clothes!!!

I pretty much cannot stand Chris Matthews and his grandstanding, but I love his interview of an Obama supporter.

It is easy for a man that has not taking a stand to criticize his opponents on at least voting for laws they believe will help Americans. His populist message will resonant in economically depressed areas, but ask yourselves what did he do in Illinois and what has he done in the US Senate than platitudes from his olive oil voice. What legislation has he proposed to help out workers and the poor?

A true leader takes a stand, right or wrong, and this man did not in Illinois when partial birth abortion and parental consent. Although a supporter of pro-abortion, he chose not to represent his district by just being present. He claimed he provided cover for other politicians by not giving Republicans sound bites for the 2004 election. Huh, I thought he was a different politician taking stands for his constituents, I guess I was wrong he already knew how to play the Potomac Two Step that he learned doing Springfield Trot. No matter how much he claims to be different and a uniter from his limited legislative accomplishments and promises, I just see another hypocritical politician.

On a side note, most of my friends cannot believe I'm defending Clinton against Obama, but although I don't agree with her politics, I will respect a person that takes a stand. Obama's pathos is to act presidential, appear to be different, attack where others have taking a chance and failed and maybe, just maybe no one will question what have you done to solve problems.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


A little after midnight on Tuesday I received news of my friend's death. After two years of suffering from colon cancer he finally passed away and is no longer in pain. Although I expected his death, I was still taking back because I thought I would have one last chance to say goodbye, but unfortunately I did not.

His brother has been a true saint taking care of him first in NYC and then in our hometown. It was in May when I was in NYC that I knew he was going to die and it was in that same place I was informed of his passing. K had been there for him from his first bout with cancer and then for his final battle, taking him on walks through Central Park to getting ice cream. He was there when F was in the hospital and he was there right to the end. K overcome with emotion could not inform his friends and his brother's friends of his death, it was up to our good friend to relay the sad message. Even as I write this I have tears coming to my eyes knowing F will no longer be with us. Knowing he will never bring up my wine debacle in London or my Scotch incident at Christmas and knowing that his young life was full of promise. Good bye my friend, may God bless your soul.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I love keeping in touch!!!

Well, I know I have not posted in awhile, but have been pretty busy. Last night I arrived home from my 8000 mile journey in two days from the West Coast to Tejas and now back in good old DC. A few minutes after I arrived, I called my aunt and she asked if I read my e-mail. I told her no. I just got off the plane and I'm heading to the gym. What she told me next was unbelievable.

I know that some of my family lives in Wyoming, but were intending to go to the Cape (Cod) the day after Friday the 13th. As some of you know on Friday the 13th a military sharp shooter killed his wife while she was on stage. When I heard he was evading the authorities I called my cousin just to see if they knew him and that he was not seen in their area. I never did get an in contact until next Friday. My cousin did not mention the shooting to me.

I knew my uncle was in a country band. He has always been in a band even when he served over seas. My aunt told me that the singer that was killed was my uncle's singer and that my uncle was just a foot away when she was assassinated. Nobody in my family bothered to tell me and I really did not notice him on the news channels. I just get sick of hearing how screwed up our society is and focus on financial channels, sports and cartoons. The herd of the evening news is just to depressing

Thanks to technology I have been able to see my uncle's interviews and the comments posted. One woman wrote that my uncle had a glimmer in his eye of glee. Obviously, through a two dimensional device with just a minute or two this woman was qualified to judge my uncle and what he felt when he leaned over to see half the head of his band member removed from the shot. I don't know, but glee is not one of those emotions. He might look that way, but trust me he cared tremendously for her and her orphaned children. So, to the lady who posted that comment I would suggest hold your comments until you know a person. An for that beautiful singer God rest her soul and look over her children.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Insert your head in the sand liberals!!

For the past couple of day reports have come out how "progressives" want to enact legislation to limit talk radio. First, "progressive" really means thought controling communists as most are on the extreme left. Second, the reason why the want to limit talk radio is because it is dominated by conservatives. This becomes a danger to the mind controling democrats because they are unable to control the message the is sent to the masses.

It really is a design to limit the conservative message and nothing more. Recently, a Senator claimed to hear Boxer and Clinton talking about regulating the air waves because of the right wing conservatives. They stick to their ignorance and not realize demonation of the air waves by conservatives is market driven. They don't look at the numbers where liberal and conservative shows were in the same market (including in liberal bastions)to see the audience is larger for conservative shows.

Why is it noboby on the left is protesting but instead advocating for it. Oh, that is right because the views of conservatives don't reflect your own, so, who cares. When government gets involved to regulate speech that is a problem. Some might say it is regulating distribution and not content, but let's look to the reason for legislation now. The dominance of conservative shows is market driven. I guess the Dems want to socialize everything including thought.

I waiting for the liberals to stand up to this intrusion into speech that is blantly to control content. What is that a cricket? I thought so.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Winter in the Summer

Last week I was on business in NYC and visited my friend. I usually arrive a day early to check into the hotel and head to his and his brothers place on upper East Side. However, this time was different because I would see his brother for the very first time since his surgery. The timing was good he arriving by subway and I by taxi meeting at the same time at his door.

We walked in and his mother yelled my name asking why I was in town. Just business I told her, but K and I will be going for a run around the park. As I walked into the living room I see the body of half a man. A million thoughts ran through my head as I looked upon a my friend's brother sitting in a chair with a blanket in the sweltering heat because he is cold. Despite being humid, he request another blanket because he was cold. When I heard that I had to turn away because a tear came to my eye and the memory of a similar request from my dying grandfather.

While C and his mom went for a walk, K and I ran around the park. He told me to take it easy as he has not been running much. I kind of figured since he was taking care of C. The conversation and what was not said revealed so much. Everyone has hope that C will survive, but all know that it is very difficult road.

As I said goodbye to everyone, I told C he better be healthy next time I come back. I know some will take that statement as callous, but you did not grow up in Mass and realize you never let up on your friends no matter what their condition. C I pray for you and your family daily.